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  • You will be charged a one-time processing fee of $10 (USD). help_outline
  • Registration gives you a two-month trial period to examine the C-BARQ and its usefulness. If you decide to continue using the C-BARQ after your trial ends, you will be invited to subscribe for an annual subscription fee. help_outline
  • Registration will enable you to collect, review, and download C-BARQ scores on any or all dogs associated with your project, practice or group. It will not provide you with access to the main C-BARQ database. To enquire about access to the main database, please contact us directly.
  • The primary contact will serve as the administrator of the new group.
  • If you're a puppy raiser using this website to evaluate one of your dogs, please create a new profile or sign in with your username and password. This form is intended for administrators only to sign up a new group.
  • If you're a veterinarian seeking a behavioral consultation regarding a client's pet, please visit the Penn Vet Behavior Application.

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